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Problems w/ Responsive Mobile on Footer

Hi Webflow family - We rebuilt our site and have been hammering out the bugs. However, there’s one that’s giving us issues: the footer on the site isn’t mobile responsive.

It works on desktop & tablet but get’s unformated in mobile. The site is

Any ideas on what we can do about it?

Welcome to the Community @mickeyjay36 :wave:

Can you please provide your read-only link so we can take a peek at how you’ve got things structured in the Designer?

Thanks for the link, but that’s just the published staging site—can you also include the read-only link so I can take a peek in the Designer? That will help me provide better direction in how you can get this solved.

The issue is that you’re not allowing the link items to wrap so they’re scrunching together on smaller devices. You can fix it by either changing the flex-direction (so they stack on top of one another) or allowing them to wrap when they get to their minimum width.

Ah got ya. Here ya go:

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