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Responsive blocks at 1280 px

have a question: This site has fixed width (something like 1360px), but when you change the window size (smaller) — the blocks become in 2 columns at 1280 resolution and we see some space from two sides. How to make responsive blocks like this?

Hi, basically to achieve this, you would need to create some CSS Media Queries and some custom CSS made, and then pasted into the HEAD panel of your Custom Code section in Site Settings. Webflow uses a 960px responsive grid, so you would have to do some kind of CSS modifications to do this at wider dimensions. Here is a starting point:



To make your container wider than the default, you can also add a “div” element to your page, give it the class name of “w-container” and set it’s max width to whatever you’d like.

This changes the default max-width set on the “w-container” element. Just decided to try this today and it worked