Needed: Ability to choose a width larger than 960

960 is too narrow max width for the sites I am building.


@Tim_Macchi thanks for the input. We’ve been working on the 1200px media query for you guys. In the mean time, you can “activate” it.

If you activate this media query then everything you see in your default (960px) media query will be translated to the 1200, but with column and gutter widths being wider.

Thanks, I saw you post this in an earlier post, it works as a work around. I am looking forward to having this integrated into the default views, Perhaps you can use a large monitor as the icon above the laptop.

@Tim_Macchi that’s the easy part!


The hard part is how most of users will be able to find it useful if their screens are too small to design for it. We’re working on a good solution.

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yea, didn’t think of that. Perhaps you could disable the view if the screen size being used to do editing is smaller?

That would be the easy solution indeed. But a lot of users would find it very useful to design for larger screen. We’re trying to figure how we can make the right sidebar more modular maybe.

out of interest, any idea when this is likely to be implemented?

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The best way to do this is to use the w-container class.

All webflow elements have a class apended with w-
If you understand css all you need to do is - add a div and put a class of w-container on it.
You can then override the width and the max width of all containers in your design.
while still retaining container behavour and with out injecting code in your header,


This doesn’t break the responsive grid when you start using columns, etc? It’s been 2 years since the 1200px grid was heavily requested, and if this works it’s really quite the godsend.

Please continue the discussion here: Support for larger/custom media queries/breakpoints - Product feedback - Forum | Webflow