Are we stuck with 960px containers?


First of all, thanks for the beta invite. Loving the concept. I am trying to build my first site here and noticed that containers are fixed to 960px. The site I am building now is a responsive site but is set at max-width 1140px. I’ve been designing inside the 960 container and then manually changing the container width to 1140px after publishing.

Is there no way to change the default 960 to something else?


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Has this been resolved? How do I access the new feature?

@markgopez Take a look at the post that was split off.

Basically, you can add custom code to address the containers’ widths or you can use divs and size as desired. :grinning:

One way that I found, a workaround was by as @jdesign mentioned, you first place a div wherever you want.

  1. Drop a div wherever, preferably on an empty page.
  2. Create a class for the div. Name it something like “container”.
  3. Enter your desired styling values to the width or whatever to the div with the class you created.
  4. Ensure you do the responsive styling as well.
  5. Delete the div. Yes, kill it.
  6. Drop the container element. And insert the “container” class.
  7. Profit.

How to make changes?

  1. Drop an empty div. Insert the “container” class.
  2. Restyle.

I’m no html guru or anything but can’t you just do this with a div :grin:?:


Is this what you are looking for ? I use this all the time.

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I agree with @dharmaNode

The easiest way is just to use and create your own container div.

Use the Max width setting to do that.


Sure that enables us to make wider pages…but the reason many want an official wider screen breakpoint is to style text and other elements specifically for something like 1600 wide vs 940 wide. Too many compromises have to be made if you make something that works for widths on extreme ends of the spectrum.


Thanks for the hacks guys. Also hoping for this being an option in the near future.