Resolved] How to make a linked section to scroll and stick right under a fixed (sticky) navbar?

Is it possible to add a margin to anchors/page selectors so that the bottom of the sticky navbar ends up lining up to the top of the section ID, as opposed to the top of the sticky bar lining up to the section?

Hi, check here, it should work by default if you’re using the Navbar element.
Be sure to put your Navbar under the body, right under the body.

If you’re using your own section as a menu, be sure to set it to Header in the settings tab under Section Settings/Tag.

Here are the conditions that Webflow is looking for to stick an anchor link to:

  1. An element with the header HTML5 tag type
  2. An element with the class header directly inside the body
  3. A navbar (has the w-nav class) directly inside the body

Oh wow - I had just got this working using empty elements -

Though as you said - simply moving the Subnav element to the top of the body (above all sections) worked perfectly. Cheers Vincent!

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