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[resolved] Fixed nav bar with link to section HAS to be place at root under Body

I have a fixed nav bar at the top of the page with links that are supposed to link to a section on the same page. However, when clicking the link, it takes you to a bit past the section rather than right to the top of it. Basically, is passes the section by the same space the fixed nav bar takes at the top.

Is there a way to keep the nav bar fixed and have the linked sections stick to the bottom of the navbar rather than behind it at the top of the page?


Is your Navbar a real navbar component?

If it’s a hand crafted navbar, be sure to give it the Tag: Header

@vincent It is an real navbar component. Doesn’t give me the option to add the Tag.

GOT IT! The nav bar was actually in a section. Moved it out of the section and that did it. Sorry guys!


You beat me to this, was going to say that (: good that it works (: