RESOLVED: How do i remove the horizontal scroll from my published pages?

I have tried hiding overflowing content and looking for elements with 100vh, but i cannot figure out why all my pages have a little bit of a horizontal overlay.

Any suggestions?


Here is my site Read-Only:


@llightheart header banner as well as in other places you have given a bottom border of 16px color white, that is what your seeing white at the bottom of your sections remove this from all your section.

I have removed the white, however there is still the horizontal scrolling? I am not sure why my page is set so wide… :confused:

@llightheart can you show me a screenshot of the issue because I am not seeing any horizontal scrolls what browser are you using?

It is on all the pages except the main page, so Reach, Scout, Echo, and all the Solutions pages.

The live site/issue is here:

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Your hero section class and header banner have negative margins that is why you have a horizontal scroll

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Absolutely BRILLIANT.

Thank you so much!

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@llightheart your very welcome, don’t forget to mark the topic resolved for others :smiley:

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@llightheart the reason that caused an issue is 100% width and you say margin 50px that tells the browser to stop 50px from edge of the screen but when you use negative margin -50px your telling it to push 50px past the screen edge. so your adding 50 more px 100% what the browser reads is at 100% add 50 more px

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Hi there!

I have been able to resolve this issue everywhere but on my home page mobile view of my website. Any insight into what issue is stopping me on my homepage? I am wondering if the slider is creating the issue.


@llightheart you have negative margins on smaller screens that you didn’t remove like I had you do before, you have to do it for the smaller screens also