Help with removing horizontal scroll on phone

Hey guys! Could someone please help me with removing the horizontal scroll on my site?

It seems like when using a phone, there is a horizontal scroll which i have no idea how to delete.

Here is my read-only link

If you get your phone and go to you will see what i mean!

Thanks in advance!

That always happens for two reasons:

  • one element has a fixed width, or induced width larger than the viewport
  • one element has an interaction that makes it sit outside the viewport, hence enlarging the width of the page

To fix it:

  1. locate the section where it happens: to do so, delete sections one after another and check the bug after each delete.
    In your case, when I delete Home top section it almost fixes it. So we have an issuer there and in another section
    Deleting Home Middle section fixes it entirely so we have an issue there too.

So, all your aaa bbb etc elements have plenty of positionning value, especially left and right, that make them go out of the viewport. You need to remove all those and use padding on the parent for your layout

Or apply this:

Also, apply this:

Should be fixed.

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Thank you once more Vincent. You the real superman!

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