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Can't remove the horizontal scroll

Hi, i have an unwanted horizontal scroll on tablet and mobile published links on HOME page.

There are sections that have some animated div blocks that move in on scroll either from left or right so i tried putting OVERFLOW on HIDDEN on those sections but nothing changes.

I also tried putting overflow hidden on BODY but then i loose the general vertical scroll on the whole website.

Tried looking up for the similar problems here on the forum as well but non of those i found had the exactly the same issue…

If anyone can help resolve this issue that would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:
and here’s a read only link: Webflow - High10

I checked your site and I think you have some structural issues.

I see that you’re trying to do an horizontal scroll animation but I think your structure is not properly in place for this, if you follow this video you’ll have everything you need:

Hey Aaron, thanks for a quick reply!
But this is actually not what i need, i dont want the horizontal scroll.

I need to REMOVE the horizontal scroll and the white space on the right side fo the body of the website. Any ideas how to do that?


One more note, this horizontal scroll is only happening on tablet and mobile, not on desktop.

The reason this is happening is because like I said you have some structural issues with some of the texts that you’re animating on the first section to go to the sides are not properly added and those are the ones causing the undesired horizontal scrolling:

Why don’t you put those texts in the second section and then make the animation there instead in the first section so you can apply overflow hidden to that second section. Just a thought.

Aaron, thank you so much! The whole time up until now i didnt realise that the text from the first section was causing the problem, so now once i set the overflow to hidden for the 1st section, the horizontal scroll is gone!! : ) Thanks again for the help and your insight! Much appreciated!