CMS and Google Map

Hello !

I am at this moment struggling with an issue. I have a database with 400 localisations that I want to display in a google map

I managed to do this, with the help of this projet :

Unfortunately, the google map displays only the first 100 items and not the rest… Is there anybody who know why ? The number of item in webflow is limited?

Thank you for your great help !

Since you did not share your read-only link with us we are forced to guess. Mine is that that collection lists are limited to 100 items. If you need to do four hundred items you would need to use custom code to take four separate collection list calls and make one array which then could be used by the custom map code as the source of the pins. Finsweet created some tools that might be the right fit to handle the aggregation of multiple collections lists. Take a look at

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your help, I will study the link you shared

Have a nice day !

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