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RESOLVED: Google Analytics Help Needed

I just created a new Google Analytics account for a site. This site is not hosted on Webflow.

I went to the “integrations” tab in webflow for the site and entered the code number (UA-…) in the Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID field. Then exported the site and uploaded.

Then I went to the site so that there would be real time activity. But I’m not seeing any activity in real time on Google Analytics.


Did I enter the code incorrectly in Webflow?

Any help is appreciated! All answers need to be in “Webflow for Dummies” mode :slight_smile:

FYI: I looked at the page source in the browser and this is what it says:

Just resolved. I removed the code from the “Integrations” field then pasted the full script from Analytics in the head code on the “Custom Code” page.

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