[Resolved] Failed to create new app!

I have an issue with app creation.
Here are the steps:

  1. I am entering Workspace and clicking “Create App” button

  2. After completing App Info section and Building Blocks section (as i understand App homepage url and Redirect URI should not be fully functional yet), and after selecting Data client touchpoints (the app will use REST API) i am clicking Create App button

  3. As a result i am getting error “Failed to create new app!” without any explanation.

Thank you for help.
Regards, Max.

Hey @max5, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for raising this!

I’ve done some testing on my end, and I’m not seeing any issues creating an App.

Could you try setting the redirect URI as https? This is required.

I’ll flag this with the team, so that error does show correctly.

Thanks again for raising!

Yes, it worked. Looks like it was exactly the HTTPS requirement.
Will be great if errors will have specific reason mentioned in error body, explaining what specifically went wrong.
Thank you for your help!
Regards, Max.