What to add in Redirect URI (DATA API) Webflow Apps

Hello, I am trying to register webflow app, but not able to understand what to add in Redirect URI. I just wanted to play around and learn how to build weblfow apps

This is used as apart of the Authorization Code grant OAuth flow. The registered URL is where the user is redirected to after they consent to the permissions requested by the App.

More details here:

* Webflow Auth
* Authorization Code grant type

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for webflow should i use https://webflow.com/oauth/authorize right? I am just learning to develop webflow apps.

Hi @toqeer.94 - you’ll want to use a URL that you host in that Redirect URI. I recommend checking out this tutorial here, which walks through setting up a small sample project, and how you can create a free https host URL through a tool called ngrok:

This may be the best way for you to get started quickly in testing the Data Client APIs.

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I got it and one more quesiton here, how can we delete the created app from the apps & integrations? there is no way to delete the app