HTML Embed Custom Checkbox Not Rendering


I built a custom checkbox that rendered like the following screenshot below (I would share the read-only link for that version, but it was about a month or so far back):

This was built using a custom html embed element on each separate checkbox toggle switch.

The code didn’t change at all for this page, and now I am having trouble viewing the checkbox toggle switches upon publish. Read-only link here (under Pages > Contact Preferences). I’m not sure if this is a valid bug or something to do with the custom CSS not being rendered correctly. The custom CSS is placed inside the Custom Code box of that page under the comment /* Checkbox Custom Styling Start */

This project is continuously being exported, saved and imported into a Visual Studio IDE MVC .NET project and although the last exported version of this page displays correctly, something is going on for it to now not render on Webflow. Any help or insight on this would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you.

Nevermind, figured it out. It was a Custom CSS issue where some additional code was missing that was previously taken out and imported in a separate css file for the MVC project.

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