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[Resolved] Email form bug ( Text is repeating in all fields)

Hey guys,

So I’ve created a contact form and for some reason what ever information I enter into one field it repeats that information in the other fields and I dont know why. All of my settings and ids seem to be correct.

Before I enter text

After I enter text

i wonder if swittype is doing something something. i’ll look deeper into it.

Thanks, I did get the email submission though.

@PixelGeek So this is what the rep at Swift told me. is there a way to do this in Webflow or am I just out of luck lol ?

Hey David,

It actually might be since that form shares the .w-input class. What you may want to do is create a unique class specific to search and then add the class to the search inputs in your template and then update the installation configuration to rebind Swiftype to the new class.

@PixelGeek As far as I know the w-input class is automatically added to webflow corrrect?

interesting… yes. w-input is a standard classname for webflow projects with an input field.

so try and follow what their support said. Give your input field another classname, then rebind Swiftype to that new classname.

hopefully it works out :smile:

@PixelGeek Sorry to be a dunce but that field already has a class name of “search bar”. so should I put that into swift instead on w.input like they have now?

Actually that broke it. @PixelGeek

Ah so here we go. I left the .w-input and the added .search-bar next to it and that fixed everything!

nice! GJ! Glad to hear it working out for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for all of your help these past few days dude @PixelGeek

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