Contact Form Issue

Hello all,

I seem to be having an issue with my contact form. When the site went live, I tested the contact form submission and an error came up : “Please enter a valid email address for email 2”

I only have 1 email address field. Please could someone advise?

Hi there @Brent1 - I notice your ‘Subject’ field is called ‘Email 2’ in the Input Settings - change this to ‘Subject’ I guess - not that this will fix this issue! The Text Type for this field is set to ‘Plain’ so the form should be ok - Regards Kai

Hello @Keejo

It’s always the simple things isn’t it!? I made that change and now it works perfectly.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Brent1 - yes indeed! It’s easy to miss these things! :grimacing: Glad you’ve got it working! My pleasure to help out! :+1: :webflow_heart:

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