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[Resolved] CSS does not load in some OS and browsers

Hello. I designed site and tested it and it’s OK. But in Yosemite OS in Safari and Windows 8 in chrome CSS doesn’t load properly. And it is not every time but Some times not load. It is a wery stragne thing. How can it be? Here is the site http://линрек.рф/

The issue is solved. The problem was in CSS name. It was called adline.css. Because adblock in some browsers css didn’t load.

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Yikes, what a crazy nasty type of bug to try to nail down. Thanks for posting the solution. I have to remember that one :slight_smile: I guess it pays to turn off extensions when you run into something bizarre. I chased a bug half a day only to discover it was a server permissions issue and not a coding error.

I have the same problem with server permissions wright now too ).

Sorry if that was misleading. I have not had any permissions issues in several weeks and have been pushing Webflow exports to multiple servers 8 - 10 times a day this week. I am pretty certain mine was just a random issue with my host and not related to Webflow - it can be a pain though!