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I went site layout in safari

I went site layout in safari

Incorrectly displayed svg image and fonts.

Developers Webflow please do not be silent . Give answer. Help solve the problem.

in Safari , no link to my site is not working.

Solve the problem or remove the statement that webflow creates cross-browser and cross-platform web-sites

Why do you ignore my problem ?

Hello Barsik,

I think you may need to be a little patient :smile:

Please share your preview link to speed up the process.

Hi @Barsik, thank you for posting, I am sorry to hear about the display issues in Safari.

I took a quick peek using Mac on Safari 8.0.7 and this is what the site looks like for me:

I would try to refresh your browser, and if it still looks strange, could you share the site read-only link:

Also, could you confirm the version of Safari you are using, and how big your monitor is?

I am here to help, regards, Dave

Safari 5.1.4
Windows 8.1
Display 1920x1080

forgive me , I’m just upset -_-

Thanks @Barsik for the update. I am continuing to check this. I will post an update as soon as I have info to report.

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