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[Resolved] Collection Items not Loading in Live Site

Are we having AWS issues again? None of my collection items are loading on my live site. They are loading however in the designer.

Live Site


Hi @joshalo3, thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear about the trouble. It would help a great deal to know the published url to the site and page in question, I am happy to take a look further.

I am not yet aware of any AWS incidents reported today.

Thanks in advance.



and my preview link:

Same here~ I am having the same problem!

Hi @joshalo3, I am seeing some custom code errors that look shopify related, it might due to missing collection data, I am investigating on that, will be back to you shortly.

Same here. LOSING CLIENTS due to this

Hi @igavelauctions, in your site case the error might be that you are trying to mix http and https content.

I am still checking, if you can tell exactly which data on your site you are referring to on the page, it will help. It is always good to clear javascript errors on the page first, or remove the custom code and see if things work ok without the custom code.

Thank you. Let me check out the shopify end of things and see what’s happening.

Hi @joshalo3, those errors might be coming if the script is not getting the cms data. I am checking on this. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

@cyberdave I changed those references to https references, but the problem persists

Ok thank you. I feel as though it may be missing the CMS data. I just removed the Shopify code from this page:

and am still not loading any CMS data.

I can note that it just started happening when I posted this issue as I have been actively redesigning these pages this morning.

Ok, thanks @igavelauctions, thanks, I am still seeing some custom code error:

48 PM

I am checking both of these, thanks for your patience while I investigate

Same here at

Screen shot, none of our elements are loading

I can confirm that this issue is limited to one of the sites that I host on webflow and not the others. Here is the one that it IS occuring on:

And these sites the issue is NOT occuring on:

@cyberdave I updated the .js so now the error does not come up

Same here

Hi @joshalo3, could you please republish the site and check the shop page again? Let me know if the layout looks ok after rebublish.

@igavelauctions, I am checking your site right now.


You are a magician. It is working now.

same here :

they disappeared all of a sudden while I was working on the site

there are no errors in the console

seems like webflow itself is experiencing this at the template page