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[Resolved] Collection Items not Loading in Live Site

Happening all over our site too.

Here is my site

This is happening to me as well. The photos that are loaded aren’t showing on the live site at all. This was working yesterday and nothing has changed.

Hi @laveritalondon, thanks, could you please republish the site and let me know if any issues?

all back. What happend? :slight_smile:

Hi @cprogs, @pixelsock, @Matt_Baker, @natespell, @Kevin_Hon_Chi_Hang, @Ben_Onkelinx, the Webflow team is working to get the issues corrected.

There was some recent updates that affect to a small % of sites, and those issues we are working to update and correct.

In the meantime, I am checking each of your sites. Those will likely require a republish once I check the site.

I will contact each one of you to let you know when to republish.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you. If this helps: I can see my CSS elements in Designer and Editor. When i go to Editor then log out the CSS elements go away (some are completely gone and some just show the grey box with “background image”)

one of sites is affected as well.

Hi @pixelsock, could you please republish your site? Let me know if any issues.

I have the same problems!

@cyberdave I noticed that the items come up in the designer, but not on the published site. Also, the collection pages are working. But site-wide the collection item references are not working. We have an auction ending right now and really need the site to be working.

Hi @Matt_Baker, thanks for the additional info. Could you republish the site and then let me know if any further issues persist?

republishing did nothing for our sites

Multiple sites down as well including

It’s up and live now.

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Hi @DigitalPanda, thanks, it seems you may have republished before I was able to get to your site. Can you now republish and check again? Thanks in advance.

Sorry Dave but this isn’t a limited problem, every single one of my Webflow hosted sites which utilize the CMS are down - no CMS elements render.

Just browsing through sites using #madeinwebflow on twitter. Multiple CMS collections down.

its back now thanks @cyberdave
I’ll have to go through every single site we have to make sure everything is working.

Hi @bmg, thanks, yes, the problem just started happening it seems and the Webflow team is investigating this. As soon as I have more info, I will get back to you immediately.


I also think it is a bigger Problem.
Sometimes i reload the site the Collection Items appears and then they disappears again.

In the Designer its not e problem. Only on the live sites.

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