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**URGENT** Entire website suddenly gives 404 error

I just republished my site - - after having simply added 2 items to a collection. Now every domain on the site redirects to my custom 404 page. I went to a previous backup in case something went wrong and have republished many times, but am still getting this error. This is an ecommerce store and I am currently losing paid traffic. Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey Mike,

Checked DNS records they all ok.

Your Share Link is also 404’ing. Can you reshare


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Thank you for the quick reply and for looking into this Keiran!


Something serious has happened. I’d get in touch with support immediately.

When I tried to access your read-only site, it started to load and then threw a Webflow error that the site had not migrated correctly, and to contact support.

Perhaps @waldo or @Brando could assist?

Sorry for the bad news :anguished:

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I have having the same problem. Just emailed webflow, but 24 hours to respond is really awful when folks are loosing money…

My site is Also 404ing randomly:

However… I just checked the site again… and it appears to be up maybe?? If it stays up it would be cool to hear if there was any explaination for the problem?

Thanks guys!

I appreciate the help Keiran. Is there any way to contact them via phone? I’ve used their contact form as well as emailed but have yet to receive any response.

My site just now came back up as well. Yes, there absolutely needs to be a phone number. I believe I will be leaving Webflow ecommerce ASAP. I have also been having periodic cart errors that my customers are reporting. They have to reset their cache and cookies in order to make a purchase. Of course only a small portion of people experiencing this problem contact me. @webflow support wan’t able to provide any remedy, and stopped responding to my emails over a week ago.

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Just tested and site loads successfully.

Hopefully support will be able to provide some feedback.

Glad it’s up, even tho not knowing why?

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Yes, I am glad as well! But now I’m in a position where I have no idea if this is the first time this has occurred, and if not how often it happens… And yes, hopefully support is able to provide feedback on what went on.

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

There was a brief period of a few minutes where a new Webflow deploy caused an issue and our engineers proceeded to revert straightaway.

We are investigating further.

Please contact support if you are still experiencing any issue.

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