Resetting ONLY 1 CMS page [Leevi Theme]

Hey there. I just finished my entire site and i used the Leevi theme. I went to post a couple blogs and i noticed that the entire single page blog template is messed up… I’m not sure how to fix it so it goes back to how it was originally. Would anyone be able to give me some tips or guide me in the right direction?


Webflow templates do not have a “master” concept, so the changes you’ve made cannot be “undone”.

You could restore a previous backup if you broke the page recently and you’re ok with losing changes you’ve made since that backup - or, you can use the backup preview feature to see that page’s design and then copy/paste/reconstruct it.

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It may be a bit too late for this, but in the moment you can always undo any changes you’ve made:

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 6.20.51 AM

This tends to fix many of my problems, that is… until I’ve left the Designer. Now the undo option is not available.

Copy / Paste Preview:

The next approach can be to tap into the backup and restore feature.

It can be a bit scary depending on how much work and effort you’ve put into things at this point.

So one of the more recent features from Webflow is to “preview” backed up copies, read more about that here: Save and restore backups | Webflow University

You can open up 2 browser tabs, preview a back up, and copy / paste the elements you wish to restore into your Designer / Navigator.


Depending on when you last (or it automatically for you) backed up, this may not work.

In this case, another work around is to clone that template into a new project.

Open up 2 tabs, one with your newly cloned template, the other with your “messed up” template and copy / paste your way to success :smile:

Hope that helps!