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Help! I think I accidentally deleted a page (part of the template), how can I get it back?

My Gallery page is gone :frowning: I really liked that layout and would like to have it back… Any way you guys can help me, please?

You can recover a backup like so:


Is there any way to just get back that page without restoring ? I just noticed it now and I dont want to lose all my progress! :frowning:

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Well you can always undo if you’re still in the Webflow designer by pressing Ctrl Z.

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I think I deleted it yesterday or the day before. Is there seriously no way to retrieve a page from a template I paid for? :sob: that can’t be right…

As i said you can always retrieve a backup or reset the whole template, but as far as i know you can’t retrieve single pages :confused:

You won’t lose ALL your progress when you restore a backup, just use a backup from the last save before you lost that page.

That really sucks. I think we should be able to create new pages and duplicates right from our list of pre-made ones. Kind of silly that you can’t do that.

Do you still have a copy of the page design? If you do you can create a duplicate of just that page and re-create the content. Or am I miss understanding?

No I don’t have the page at all… but I managed to (sort of) rebuild it from scratch. Thanks for trying :slight_smile:

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