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Restoring my template, it is all messed up and I cant delete it because I have CMS Hosting on it/ help please to get my template back to its original settings

Restore template that has cms hosting, cant delete it or ui will lose the hosting i payed for, im not doing anythingwith original license yet… help please

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You can try restoring it to a previous backup point. To do this, click on the wheel icon on the bottom right side of your website (in your dashboard where it shows your sites). Then click on backups. There should be several backup choices there.

I hope that helps.

Hi @DZanzi, to add to what @PixelPanda told you, that you can restore from backups on the Backups tab of your site settings.

On the same restore page, you can also restore the template to the original version of the template, in case you need to start over with the template.

If you get stuck trying to restore your site to the original template, you can also send an email to, and you can get some help with this from the support desk.

Ty Sir, that was what I was hoping to hear, RESTORE, My oldest back-up points were not far enough to fix my issue… Take care, Dario Z

Can I get someone to restore my Helion template to original spot please. It is beyond messed up. It will not show a restore to original version for me in backup tab.
Thank You,
Dario Z

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