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Webflow CMS and Security

Hello everyone.
I have to start to create some digital guidelines for the company where I work.
I want to go with Webflow hosting and CMS, but I need to propose this to the IT guys. I am pretty sure that they wil ask me about security, certificate and stuff like this, so I want to play in advance.
Does someone have some documentation about security (and all the IT stuff) for using webflow/hosting and CMS?

Thank you in advance,

I haven’t come accross such docs.

Some points you can stress out:

  • You can activate 2 factor auth on Webflow accounts (with google 2FA).
  • SSL is free to activate and 301s are automatic.

(However you can’t get any certificate from Webflow for you SSL site at the moment. This can be a limitation in certain cases. Like if you have your on webflow and need the certificate to open a on your own server.)

I had Werbflow sites propositions refused for security reasons by IT guys, but generally their arguments are about the open source thing, or self hosted things. And now they have a Wordpress site with a ton of plugins including a multilinguage plugin that they pirate… how furious am I…

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Big advantage is that you don’t need to time for security updates. And say that you work with CDN… That will always work with IT people, because most do not…

Same problem here (without wordpress)

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