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Replacing Project With Duplicate Project

Hello friends. Today I duplicated my project so that I could make a significant update. However, now that my changes are done, I have no idea how to bring them over to the existing site. Didn’t anticipate this being a problem, but it certainly is. I cannot even copy and paste the code manually, because webflow sees the duplicate project as one without hosting, which I suppose it is.

I’d really appreciate help with this.

You would need to cancel hosting on the old project and set it back up on the new one. If you have credit then contact support.

Doesn’t that seem extreme? This is a one page site.

And exactly how do I contact support? Through the forum? Or is there a more direct way to do this?

Follow the link above in the header “Support”.

If you have a one pager you should really be able to copy the new content over. Put it all in a wrapper div and copy and paste to a new page, then make that page the home.