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Move all content from one webflow project to another

Hi, I have two webflow projects and I’d like to copy all the content from one to the other while leaving project settings (eg hosting).

The situation is that I have one project with my live website, and a second where I’ve been drafting a redesign that is now finished. I could close the first project and then change all the custom domain settings on the new one, but would prefer not to deal with that if there’s another way around it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

The only way to “copy all the content” is to create a page and copy the elements from the other project page with copy and paste. You probably end up with a bunch of potential collisions on CSS naming where Webflow will rename classes to keep the old and the new. If you don’t have all your elements in a parent div where you can just copy and paste that, you will need to pick each one manually.

Already sensing this will be a laborious process? It will. Choosing to cancel hosting and setting up the new project with the custom domain will take less effort and be cleaner. Contact Webflow to get any hosting balance credited to your new account.

Have fun!

Thanks Jeff! That’s helpful. I guess I was hoping there was some kind of import/export functionality, or that I could “restore” the project from another project’s backup. Will go ahead as you suggest.

Thanks. It would be nice if we had more options but we don’t. Cheers.