Replace a page with another page

I’m fairly new to webflow so there could easily be something I’m missing, but I can’t find as simple an answer to this as I would expect, so please let me know if there is an easy way to do this.

I’m working on, basically a news site, more or less a blog. We have articles in categories, that are also tagged. There are category pages and tag pages, so for example,


are pretty similar. Except there are a lot of errors on the category version of the page. The tags version of the page is perfect. Is there a way to just wholesale replace the category page with the tag page?

I realize I could do a redirect and just get rid of the category page, but I don’t want to do that; one day soon we’ll want the category page to be different from the tag page, so we need both. Today, they should be the same, so I’m looking for the easiest way to just replace the design of one page with another’s design.


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You can copy paste the elements over, and then rebind them.
I’d recommend-

  • Clone your site
  • On the cloned copy, go to the tags page, and un-bind everything from the CMS **
  • Copy everything from that tags page to your main site, open in another designer.
  • Then rebind it

** Finsweet’s browser extension has a tool for unbinding CMS connections from an element group. Here’s how to use it-

Finsweet's Unbind CMS | Finsweet Attributes | Sygnal-U