Repeated scroll effect in each section

Help me out Webflowers! :smiley:

I have created a scroll interaction on an element within a section that is 100%VW and 100%VH. I wish to apply that same effect to 3 similar elements in 3 other sections and the moment the section is scroll off of view, I want to trigger that exact same interaction that happened on the first section within the second section I am scrolling into.

I hope I made sense here! haha. :smiley:

Anyone have any ideas to how to accomplish this please help me out.

Thanks in advance! Your help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Diana!

I think we will need your read-only link for check options :wink:

Hey @sabanna,

Sorry didn’t get back to you till now.

I came up with something and went to quickly try it out.

I think I got it to work now.

I created this … not exactly what I want but similar and with some tweaking, it should do.

Though do you think it’s possible to create a fullpage scroll kind of effect if we used this same method but make the div block static and not rotate …have the section move up 100% each time the page is scroll off 1% … this could create a jump effect right?

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