HOW TO: "Scroll-through" animations when a user reaches a page section

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out.

I’ve always wanted to incorporate “scroll-through” animations in my page designs. Think Apple, how animations seem to trigger and respond to the user’s scrolls. Even Webflow has this on their main site, Notice that when a user scrolls a bit to Webflow’s designer window (starting with the Point Card™ Neon example to Lattice), different shots begin to fade in-and-out and new, smaller snips pop up? It is reversed as the user scrolls back up. I love it!

So for my own site, as of today unpublished, I want to do something similar. I have a Products div, with some sections inside. I want to build an animation that triggers once the user reaches the Products, and the different sections show/hide, fade in/out as the user scrolls inside of it. I also want this to reverse as the user scrolls back up.

If someone already answered this, I’d be happy to read the solution if you find it.


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