Renamed fields in a collection are not updating in API

I am trying to update a record in my collection using the API. I had renamed a field from “view_count” to “viewcount”, however when i fetch the data using API, it shows “view-count”. And as a result, when i call the API to update the record, I get the following error. Its been a few hours since I made the change to the field name

[“Field ‘viewcount’: Field not described in schema”]

Am i missing something?

No, the API will keep the original field name, forever.
You can create a new field, with a new name, and copy the data over, or else you could rebuild the collection from scratch.

Here’s why;

And not only… It also saves the old schemas for backup and fallback purposes, so if you change idea and create again a field with the same slug you end up with random slugs :frowning: