Create / Update item - Field not described in schema

  1. I have a collection, let’s call it “Blog Posts”
  2. I create the collection with a few fields to start
  3. I’m writing blog posts in my own system (not webflow), and I have code that will call the webflow API to create the item in my “Blog Posts” collection, sending down the fields I’ve setup in my collection.
  4. I now have 20 blog posts in my collection in webflow
  5. I add a NEW custom field “Headline” to my “Blog Posts” collection in webflow
  6. When I then call the API to update items with my “Headline” text in my collection I get an error “Field Headline not described in schema”, even though the Headline field is part of my collection in webflow…

Now, it seems the only way I can get rid of that error and successfully push the headline to one of my blog post items in Webflow is if i FIRST add some dummy text to the headline in Webflow, and then I can actually update the field using the API.

This makes no sense… Its like I have to first initialize the field with some data in webflow before I can use it via the api???

So, if I already have 100’s of items in a collection which is being synched from another system and I then add a new field to the collection in webflow I have to then edit each item in webflow first in order to get it to sync from my API?

Am I missing something?

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After you created the new field, did you republish your site to production?
I’ve seen issues in the past where some capabilities through the API are out of sync until that publication step occurs.

Yep, I did a re-publish of the site, but still the field won’t be available in the “schema” until I add some dummy value to the new field created on the collection

I’ve not encountered that, and it doesn’t quite jive with the way MongoDB works. Might be something else going one.

One common problem is that the created field has a different API name than the slug you see in the designer, due to the way naming is handled. But it’s still there, just under the originally created name.

I don’t think this is related, but just in case;

Otherwise I’d message support and find out what’s happening. Please share back when you find out.