Removing the "Unsubscribe" link on Form notification to validated recipient email address(es)

Hello if I may ask is there a way to remove the “Unsubscribe” link when form notifications are sent to emails? When the recipient email is our own validated email? Is that possible?

We have set the form notification similar to the OP, it will be received by our support email, which is a shared inbox. Our agents can do a quick “reply-to” directly from the email received from Webflow because we have set the “Reply To Address” to the < {{ Email }} > of the person who submitted the form from our website.

It works.

The problem is when agents reply, the Unsubscribe link comes with it, and it is very dangerous that prospects/leads who are the recipient might accidentally click it and then totally stop Webflow from sending email notifications to our shared support inbox.

Unfortunately there is no way to remove it.

From what I’ve read here, Webflow’s transactional email provider Mailjet requires it. Unfortunately, adding this in was not announced or well-thought, and it competes with the Reply-To template feature.

If you use that Reply-To feature with the name & email of the person submitting the form, and your client replies to the form notification, that end-user will get the message. But they also get the unformatted form contents, and the unsubscribe link.

Basically Webflow cannot turn the unsubscribe link feature off, so you have a few options;

  1. Avoid using the Reply-To template, and force your clients to click the email in the form content to reply.
  2. Use Zapier/Make + your own transactional email provider directly, setup for the client, with their own email & domain as the sender. There you can create formatted messages, choose which Forms send where, and template your Reply-To safely.
  3. Avoid email altogether, and use Zapier/Make to push leads into an SFA system like Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Nutshell.

I setup systems like this for a lot of clients, so PM me if you need some assistance building that.