Try to hide "Unsubscribe from notifications for this site" in the emails

Good morning all !

I have a problem with the contact form, indeed when I receive the content of a form in my mailbox I have this link that appears.


Until then, nothing serious but if I reply directly to the person, this link will be visible to them too and if they click on it I will no longer receive an email telling me that a user has just submitted a form. I would therefore like to remove this piece of text with the link from all emails. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it.
thank you in advance

I’d recommend not directly replying to the person (or if you do, remembering to removing the previous email notification text) as these links are required by law via the CAN-SPAM act:

These links are included to allow site owners the ability to opt out and not meant for the sender of the email since they are typically accepting some form of communication back after submitting an email form. In fact, this “agreement” should be present on the form they use to contact you to comply with privacy acts like CCPA or GDPR:

Obviously I’m not a lawyer so don’t assume what I’m suggesting covers you in any way for the laws referenced above, but that should give you some more information on why that link is there and why there’s really no way to remove it in the settings.

Thank you for the answer !