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How long does it take for 301 redirects to fully delete?

I used to have a 301 redirect on my site for /delivery which would redirect to a /locations page. But now that we’ve had a website redesign and update, we’ve added a page that has the slug /delivery now. I have deleted the 301 redirect in the project settings and published the changes. Any link that directs to the /delivery page works fine in the Webflow designer. But on the published site, those same links are still being redirected to the /locations page.

Is there usually a certain amount of time I have to wait for this change takes into effect or is there something else I have to do?

Here’s my share link:

Here’s a link to the published site:


Hi @kbarrett, thanks for the good question. Redirects are activated the moment the site is republished.

I just took a look, clicked on Order Online then Delivery and it brought up the Delivery page:

If the issue persists, can you let me know exactly which link you are clicking?

Thanks @cyberdave ! I guess I just had to clear my cache. Works fine now.

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Hi, great news @kbarrett :slight_smile: On the cache, It may be helpful to check to see if your local browser cache is disabled in the browser that is used with the designer.

This will help to force a re-download of latest page changes when those are made, as opposed to pulling from local browser cache.

​See here as an example step by step to disable browser cache in Chrome:

​And for Safari:

​Also, it is helpful to review your local DNS settings on your workstation, I recommend to not use your ISPs default nameservers (check network settings, dns) and instead set those dns servers to the ultra fast Google DNS or Open DNS servers.

I have this issue currently. I’ve deleted a redirect but it persists unless viewing in incognito.

Why is this being cached? Clearing my cache will solve the problem for me and only me. Everyone else will get a 404 from being redirected to a page that no longer exists. The redirect functionality isn’t fit for purpose.

Hi @tom87, thanks for your reply, do you have a url to the page where you are being redirected? I am happy to take a look further, redirects in Webflow do not cache, they are updated immediately once they are removed and the site republished.

If there is a problem with the domain connections on the hosting tab, that can be also another reason why the domain 301 redirects are not happening as expected for site visitors using the domain having the connection issue.

If you need help with the redirect, you can also contact to Webflow support who can help you with private site information by visiting the support page: Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University

If your domain is recently added to Webflow, I would also ask if you have previously had any service workers for caching used on the old hosting, that can also have an impact.