Remove white space at the left of the website

Hi all!

I have a huge white space on the right side of my website. I didn’t have it before. After hours of investigation I still don’t understand what’s the issue. I would really gratefull if someone can have a look and help!

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Link (Webflow - LeadLion)

I took a peek at your read-only link as well as the staging site ( but I’m not seeing the issue.

Is there a particular page/section you’re noticing the whitespace and does it seem to only happen on certain breakpoints?

Thank you for taking a look!

I put an overflow: hidden for the hero section, and now there is no white space at laptop. But at other devices it remains. Also I have a problem with white space at this page A propos | LeadLion, I tried to change images settings, but didn’t achieve the result. At other pages I don’t have this problem.

I’m not able to see the issue per se but it looks like it’s an animated element that’s causing the issue (the recording below was without any vertical movement):


I’d say some looping shape/element whose parent container isn’t set to overflow: hidden is the culprit :+1:

Yessss finally I found the problem! I needed to hide each section to understand where the issue was! (I had a copy of the page for this) It was loop interaction at two sections. Thank you very much!