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Overflow Issue - Please Help

Can someone help me with finding out why my homepage has white space on the right hand side? I don’t understand how to find which element is creating that.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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One easy method: delete sections one after another and check for the bug. Delete navbar? Bug still there. Hero? Bug fixed. ok it’s in the Hero. Cmd+Z twice and open the Hero. And the Div 46 has a width of 100vw but also is impacted by a 75px padding left on his parent. So this elements has more with than the viewport has, and is bleeding outside. You need to use 100% on this element. 100VW is absolutely the width of the entirety of the viewport, so elements getting this shouldn’t be impacted by other elements for their horizontal position.

Div Block 46 inside Home_Hero has 100vw but also 75 margin-right.

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That worked great, thanks for helping me understand how to do it.

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