Remove Webflow CMS collections from a template

Hi there,
Is there an easy way to strip a Webflow template from it’s CMS collections.
For example, a client wishes to use a Webflow template design as is but wishes to use an external CMS.
I need to export the code but strip back the CMS collections. is there any easy way to do this?
Simply exporting the code does not export anything within a collection.

You can create your template as static page.

How do you do this?
I have a purchased template that has elements such as blog listings, configured as Webflow collections. I want to remove the collections whilst maintaining the designed elements.
I looked into deleting collections but it deletes the elements too and it doesn’t appear to be as straightforward.

In that case I would suggest to go to your collection template, unlink the content from the CMS and then copy it to a static page.

OKay and where exactly do you unlink the content?

Every element that is binding to the CMS content is highlighted in your navigator. Select the bound elements and click in the cog icon beside the name and you’ll get a small window with the settings of that binding just unselect which ever content the element is pulling and repeat the process with every element in the page.