Remove Collections from Template

Hi, I know this has been touched on before but can someone assist me with properly removing collections from a Webflow template site I purchased, so I can just use it for regular hosting.

  • I have already deleted all the collection posts from the collections window.
  • when I then try to delete the entire collection it tells me “cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings”
  • what is the next step after this? I want to retain the designed elements from the template purchase, i just don’t them attached to collections. The only other way is to delete the elements and rebuild them up using their class names

Here’s what I found on a similar topic:

Thanks! I’ve read this already…
So am I right in saying that if I want to keep elements of a template that are bound to a collection, I have to delete them and re-add? there’s no simple way of just disabling this?

I think you can just un-tick the individual purple elements on the page to unbind them?

Can you post your read-only for more specific advice?