Remove user authentication on membership signup

Is it possible to turn off user authentication on membership signup?

As a membership signup leads to a sale this massively effects our funnel flow.

The option to turn email authentication on and off would be great.

Thank you


Hey Jase,

The short answer is no. Webflow has designed Memberships so that it requires an email as the account-uniqueness identifier, and to support that, there is an explicit email verification process. It doesn’t matter whether you invite, or the user self-enrols, they’ll still have to check their inbox and click a link to complete registration.

I’d encourage you to post this in the BETA forum because it’s important for their dev team to know, however realistically they’re in too deep on the architecture at this point. The one thing they might add that would smooth this out is 3rd party OAuth through e.g. Google. Then, theoretically, the email verification step could be skipped, because they are implicitly proving email validity & ownership by the OAuth login.

But I have no idea whether that will be implemented, or when.

I’d recommend that you test out the ordering flow. If billing can only begin after after the email verification step, one option is to shorten it by using a 3rd party subscription system like Stripe. You’d setup your memberships there, take payment there, and then initiate the Membership invite after.

A bit more work, but may give you some options on how you structure the sales & onboarding process.

Not natively, no. It’s required. But you can bypass Memberships. Just create a native Webflow form that collects an email address and sends it to Airtable or Google Sheets for you to review. Then it doesn’t trigger a sale.

That may not be what you’re looking for but maybe it helps!

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Thanks Micheal.

Nice workaround.

Had also thought of using a 3rd party service to automate the membership creation on product order. Though I’m doubtful membership API is available yet.

Where is the beta forum? I can’t find it anywhere.



The Membership API works ok, I use it heavily.

Currently the big limitation is the inability to see access-groups for a member, and to temporarily disable a member, but otherwise it has most of what you’d need.

The link to the memberships community is on the memberships page.
Scroll to the very bottom and look for the pink Learn more box, and click the Join the Memberships community link.

Hi @memetican - thanks for the links. Big help.

I’ve read you can specify access groups when inviting a user via the API.

But I can’t find any information in the API docs on how to do this.

I don’t suppose you have done this before and can shed any light on where and how to specify access groups when inviting a user?



Hey Jase, it’s there;

Here’s what example CURL would look like for inviting to two accessGroups;

curl --request POST \
     --url SITE-ID /users/invite \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'authorization: Bearer AUTH-TOKEN' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
     "accessGroups": [


You can find it here: Invite User

Authenticate, then add it in the access group field. That’ll add it to the curl statement, click the try it button to confirm.

If you want to hook something like this up with Make / Integromat instead of curl, here’s a walk through:

Aha. Got it! Thank you @ChrisDrit

It’s annoying we can’t update Access Groups. It’s requiring me to duplicate products and have a membership type for those logged-in. But at least I have a funnel close to the user flow I need!

Thanks for your help.