Customizing the memberships user signup email

Hi community!

I’m hoping to migrate the functionality of my members’ site over from Memberstack to Webflow for various reasons.

Whilst I was previously able to sign up a member without their prior verification on Memberstack, this now doesn’t seem possible with Webflow’s version (requiring users to input their own data and create an account via an email sign-up link).

This is fine but I really need to be able to customise the signup email, as right now having it branded with ‘Powered by Webflow’ and none of my company branding is not going to work.

Am I missing some obvious way to do this in the designer? Or will I need to use an integration?

I use Mailchimp for my business so maybe this could be connected somehow?

Any help very much appreciated!!

Unfortunately you effectively have no options at all there.

It might be possible to add some plaintext content to the email notifications in the designer’s user accounts settings area, but there is no way to style the emails, reformat them, rewrite the basic content, or to change the from address.

It’s completely unbrandable and probably uneditable as well.

There really isn’t any way around this since even the user accounts API requires certain direct interactions with the user, including the email-based email-address verification and the user’s password entry. There isn’t a way to circumvent those processes and build your own.

Thank you for your quick reply @memetican. And WOW that really sucks!!

Hoping Webflow come up with a solution for this soon as it looks pretty unprofessional having this email come from a random email address with no visible link to the company it’s related to.

If this is a feature you need, you should definitely stick with Memberstack.
Webflow halted all development on User Accounts around last May and hasn’t added anything since.

Oh man! Thanks for he heads up, I didn’t know that.

Do you know why they halted development? Is it likely something they’ll remove? I can’t find any official statements.

The official announcement was in the BETA forums on originally. Webflow announced they needed to halt development and release the products as-is with no current plans for future development. Those forums were deleted / closed around July/August I think.

I don’t recall a specific reason given, there were likely several-

  • Resources were needed on other projects including core systems development
  • Infrastructure changes required for User Accounts and Logic were substantial and were impacting the rest of the system - we were seeing a lot of outages and instabilities
  • Meanwhile Localization wasn’t really getting the resourcing it needed and was a higher long term priority
  • Attention was being redirected towards a new strategy which is to improve the API, Designer Apps and external Apps integration options so that these types of services could be built by specialist companies like Memberstack.

Do you mean shut down the User Accounts and Logic subsystems? No I can’t imagine Webflow doing that. If they ever needed to, I’d expect them to give a 1 year notice similar to the way Client Billing was deprecated.

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Appreciate your overview of this, thank you!