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Remove Text in Drop Down Option Field for Add to Cart

Hello my fellow designers!

I am building an e-commerce site for T-Shirts. In my Add to Cart Field I have an Option added for Size selection. It might just be my over-critical mind :man_facepalming: getting the best of me here, but it drives me nuts that the text above the dropdown says ‘Size’ and inside the dropdown it has default text that says ‘Size’ as well. I can add text before the word ‘Size’ such as “Choose, Select, etc” but I cannot figure out how to remove the word ‘Size’ from the dropdown. To me it is redundant and looks sloppy as a designer. Does anyone know how to access the settings for this and change it? Any help is greatly appreciated. :pray:

I can’t show my site for NDA reasons…I can always create a blank page showing my cart issue if you need to see what I’m talking about.

Hi @Tanto_Clint!

Can you try setting “Preselect Default Variant” to “Yes.” - screenshot. This should show the first variant instead of the option list name. It will show the first variant on the published site.

Thanks for another approach @johnramos. I saw that you can have it put in the first variant, but I still can’t edit the text to remove the word ‘size’. It sounds like it might just be something I’m stuck with. Thank you for taking time to reply and try to help me out.

Hi @Tanto_Clint , can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing? The option name text can be edited by changing the text within the variant settings - screenshot.