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Product variant image option dropdown not working

I’ve got a single page shop setup with two variants Size and Color

Per the video

I’ve added variants for each but when someone only selects a color without selecting a size, the image doesn’t change.

How can I set it up so that it works like it does in the video?

Hey! have you solved this problem? I’ve got the same issue too

I am having the same issue as well. Anybody know how to fix this? Here is the link to see the bug : Azadenk

UPDATE: I found my mistake, which might also be a bug on webflow, idk. The thing is: if you have more than one variant (color and size for example), you need to have a value in both drop downs in order for the image to change.

I’m am also having the same issue.

Simply put, any media from the variants doesn’t show up in any of the dropdowns for Dynamic Style Settings, Image Settings, etc. The plain text (Name) shows up, but nothing else. The Dynamic Style Settings source dropdown always shows “No fields to connect to…”

Seems like a bug because the Name from the variant shows up in the same spot.

Did you ever find a solution to this?

No. I was told by Webflow Customer Support that that’s how it’s supposed to work.

“This should be the expected behavior. I have reached out to our e-commerce team to confirm. In the meantime, both variants must be changed to match the variant option for the image to change. You can change which image is shown on the product template page by marking the relevant variant as the default variant”

Thanks for the response @J.Gilman! I just stumbled across a solution. In the ‘Options’ element settings, we can allow for the default variant to be pre-selected.

So when the page loads, a size is automatically selected. Hence, when selecting a color, the image changes immediately.

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Thanks @Johneele_Smith

That doesn’t seem to work in my store. I already have it selected for both size and color.

I’m having the same issue

Turns out I had multiple elements in my shop for different mobile devices. I had to go through all the copies of my site for different screen sizes and change this on every instance. Once I did that, the above advice worked.

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