Remove text from block

Thanks in advance for the help. This may be a super silly question, but I can’t delete some hardcoded Lorem Ipusum.

(HelpingHands - Nonprofit HTML5 Responsive Website Template)
I have an item in a list (from the CMS), the title and body are linked, however, there is Lorem Ipsum text in the parent’s inner text that I can’t get rid of.

For some reason, I can’t select, edit or delete the text, it doesn’t seem like I can link it either.

For context, I started with the helping hands template. The template doesn’t have the issue, it all started after I edited the content of a CMS item.

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I found an element in another page (from the original template) that didn’t have this issue. Just copy/pasting that fixed the problem. I’m still puzzled and compared the styles of each element and didn’t find any difference but I’m ready to move on…

Yep, I’ve seen this in some older Webflow templates.

My suspicion is that at some point, Webflow changed certain elements, and that the change affected old templates so that the Lipsum text got “merged in” to the containing element, permanently.

No way to remove it, I’ve even tried through Chrome dev tools, Just rebuild the element and apply the same style classes.

Thanks, this gives me peace of mind and I can sleep now