Hiddent content is appearing in Google but cant find how to delete it

Hi there!

We recently crawled our site with screaming frog and discovered lots of “lorum ipsum” and template content on all our blog posts. This content is invisible to the user, but visible to the search engines and crawlers. We have looked in all blog posts and the template page for blog posts and cant find how to delete the text anywhere - does anybody have any ideas where it might be?

Here is an example: view-source:FireTail Names Timo Rüppell as Vice President of Product - FireTail blog posts

You can see in the code on that page, if you search for “building the right tech stack”, followed by lots of lorum ipsum
Many thanks!

Hi Ben,

Could you provide a Read-Only Link?
That makes it easier to find the problem :slight_smile:

Hi @Julian201720 !

Sorry for the late response, please see the read only link here:

Blog template page: Webflow - FireTail.io

Many thanks and sorry again!

You have an unbound rich text element on the page containing your static lorem ipsum content.
It’s just above your CMS-bound one.

It has a class of hidden on desktop which is obscuring it at the desktop breakpoint.
I’m guessing it was put there as a style guide, to make formatting the CMS-bound RTE easier.

ahhhh thank you so much!! Cheers!!