Random Lorem Ipsum copy on my page

I can’t figure out where this random “lorem ipsum dolor…” copy is coming from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Shared link:

Yea, that one’s strange. Only took a peek at it for a minute or two, but nothing immediately stood out to me. I’d just delete that wrapping element and start over.

It’s an occasional bug in Webflow.

When it occurs, it’s usually specific to container elements, so you can replace the container and then simply drag your existing contents in- however identifying exactly which element has the rogue text attached is a bit of a mission.

Did support confirm that?

I mentioned it to support about 3 years ago as part of some unrelated designer issues. I wasn’t given a specific response as to what causes the glitch, but I’ve fixed it twice in my own projects and about 20 times here in the forums.

I’m not aware of any open tracked bugs with support on this issue if you want to open one.

This has fixed it for me 100% of the time.

You can quickly figure out which wrapping element it is by deleting each one, one at a time, and then undoing that delete until you find it.

It’s odd to think that this even happens, but oh well.

Really weird. Had to delete the whole container that everything was in. Thanks for the help!