Adding Custom Domain and Removing the Made in Webflow Label in the Lite Plan?

Hi there,

Do you guys know, if I purchase the Lite Plan, will I be able to:

  1. Add a custom domain to each of my projects?

  2. After I add a custom domain, will I be able to remove the Made in Webflow label?


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Hi @meetingingorkipark,

there’s a difference between account plans and site plans.
Account plans bring benefits to your account in general, such as being able to export code from projects or having your own logo in the editor for co-editors to see.

A site plan affects one specific project and enables benefits like connecting a custom domain, removing the webflow label, etc.

You can find pricing and further case examples on the pricing website.


hi. thank you but I am not sure if your answer is super accurate, because I remember that when I was using an Account Plan a few years ago, I was able to remove Made in Webflow label. But I was using the Pro Plan, not the lite Plan, that’s why I ask. So if others know a more precise answer I would be happy to hear it

You can remove the “Made in Webflow” label on staging sites with the Pro plan, as seen here:

However, custom domains still require a site plan, which also lets you remove the “Made in Webflow” label. This and more information can be found at the link I posted earlier.