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Remove Linebreaks from BOLD

Whole project introduces linebreak for every bold word(s).
<ust remedy immediately.

  1. I check scratch page, bold introduces linebreaks on Text Block, Paragraph Block, Rich Text Block
  2. O Check CSS settings for All Bold - It’s 100% NORMAL
  3. I refreshed and checked other devices, its still doing line break.
  4. Does not happen on Italics.
  5. Does not happen on Underline.
  6. Bold is not set to >100% width,

No work around discovered.
Semi-workaround - Make all BOLD Flaoat Left - buts Flat left is very inconsistent and it make bold stick next to letters without proper padding but padding is in consistence across diferent text types… :confused: :frowning:

Must remedy asap

How to remove linebreaks on bold?!?



Hi @miekwave, thanks for your report about the bold text resulting in a text wrap.

So that I may help to take a look further, could you please help to share the read-only link to the site and let me know which pages the issue is happening?

Thanks in advance

You set display settings for your bolds to block. Just remove the styling for the display settings and you are good.


Unfortunately the display setting was set to ‘block’ when error was appearing.
See OG screenshots.

Parent blocks mar have had alternate display settings such as flex horizontal or flex vertical, but I am unable to reproduce from parent where selected text is ‘block’.

I am able to reproduce bold linebreak using current display flex block only .


I reset the project to previous archived state. This resolved the issue.
Unable to reproduce error.

Thanks guys

What I meant is that you should remove display: block from the ‘bold’ class and revert it to its default inline setting, that is all. Just so you know what was the problem. See here.

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Thanks for sharing. I had quite the blunder right in my face.

No problem, eventually you learn to take note of those blue options that differ from default and ask yourself from time to time “why would I change that in the first place?”.

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