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Style block covers text

Why does this happen? (Ignore the second red-circle, just the obvious bold/italicized style block completely covering the HOME text)


This happens to me often too I’m afraid, and I just have to double click to on the edge of the nav link so it doesn’t activate bold or italic, and then type blindly. Something eventually needs to be tweaked with it’s placement at the top of the window. @cyberdave

Hi @DragonDon, I know that can be frustrating, this is an identified issue with that happening sometimes depending on the placement of the element and text.

One thing I might suggest, is to create the text lower down on the page and then after entering the text, move the text element to the right location in the navigation.

I wish I could make this easier right away :-/

There are improvements to the text editing in Webflow coming soon to make that better :smile:


Thanks @cyberdave, looking forward to the updates.

Although, got caught offguard with the class management update. the added ‘remove/rename’ and the removed ‘x’ threw me for a brief moment. I suspect those are less important updates compared to this one :wink:

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