Rich text link bug

I’m having an issue with placing links in Rich Text. As you can see in the screenshot, The link breaks the flow of the paragraph. When I try to bring the comma back on the same line it starts to delete the link text instead. Help?

@Waldo do you have any ideas?

Hey @dsgnr, can you please share your read-only link? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks @dsgnr!

You have all links set to display: block :slight_smile: to fix, click out of the paragraph (so something else is selected and you’re not in typing mode), then click just the link so it’s highlighted, and select “all links” in the style panel (see following screenshot):

Then change the setting to inline (see next screenshot).

Hope that helps! :wave:t2:

I don’t think I ever styled the links it was defaulting to this setting. Thanks for pointing this out.

No worries! It could have happened while working on another type of element that is also classified as a link, that has happened to me before :slight_smile: Glad to help!

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